Recent Alumni

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Robert Blunt

Anthropology PhD, 2010

Dissertation: “Of Money and Elders: Ritual, Proliferation, and Spectacle in Colonial and Postcolonial Kenya.”

Current position: Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Lafayette University

Betsey Brada

Anthropology PhD, 2011

Dissertation: “Botswana as a Living Experiment.”

Current position: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Princeton University

Elizabeth Brummel


Dissertation: ""Language and the Emergence of Identity among Youth in Kisumu, Kenya"

Filipe Calvao

Anthropology PhD 2013

Current position: Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Sociology of Development, Graduate Institute Geneva.

Lauren Coyle


Dissertation: "Dual Sovereigns of the Golden Twilight: Law, Land, and Sacrificial Labor in Ghana"

Current positions: Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Princeton University and Fellow at the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies. 

Bianca Dahl

Comparative Human Development

Current position: Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Toronto Scarborough

Bernard Dubbeld

History and Anthropology

Dissertation: "Inhabiting 'Respectable Pasts': Wage Work, Masculinities, and the Dynamics of Belonging in Neo-Liberal South Africa"

Current position: Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Stellenbosch University

Elizabeth Garland

Anthropology PhD,

Current position: Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Union College

Claudia Gastrow


Dissertation: "Grounding Citizenship: The Politics of Property in Post-Conflict Luanda, Angola"

Current position: Post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Anthropology, University of the Witwatersrand 

Kelly Gillespie

Anthropology PhD, 2007

Dissertation: "Criminal Abstractions and the Post-apartheid Prison."

Current position: Senior Lecturer and Co-ordinator of Post-Graduate Studies in Anthropology, University of the Witwatersrand

Ingrid Greenfield

Art History

Dissertation: "A Moveable Continent: Collecting Africa in early modern Italy"

Anita Hannig

Anthropology PhD, 2012

Dissertation: "The Social Worlds of Obstetric Fistula: Childbirth Injuries, Clinical Structures, and the Production of Reality in Ethopia"

Current position: Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Brandeis Universtiy.

Jeremy Jones

Anthropology MA, 2004
Anthropology PhD

Dissertation: "Youth in Zimbabwe's Kukiya-kiya Economy: Money, Ethics, and Informality in an Era of Hyperinflation"

Current position: Assistant Professor of Anthropology, College of the Holy Cross

Jeffrey Kahn


Dissertation: "Cracking Sovereignty: Haitian Migration and the Borders of Empire"

Current position: Academy Scholar, Weatherhead Center for National Affairs, Harvard University

Kathleen Lorne McDougall


Dissertation: "'Isolated Population': Afrikaners-as-Afrikaners after Apatheid"

Current position: Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Stellenbosch University

Kathryn McHarry


Dissertation: "Entrepreneurs of the Future: Speculative Care and the Early Childhood Education in Senegal"

George Paul Meiu


Dissertation: "Ethno-Erotic Economies: Imagining Samburu Futures in Postcolonial Kenya"

Current position: Assistant Professor of Social Anthropology, Harvard University.

Christine Nutter El Ouardani

Comparative Human Development

Dissertation: " "Discipline and Development: Negotiating Childhood in Rural Morocco"

Current position: Assistant Professor of Comparative Human Development, University of California-Long Beach

Chandani Patel

Comparative Literature PhD 2015

Dissertation: "Crossing the Dark Waters: Minor Narratives, Transnational Subjects and Alter-Histories of the African/Indian Ocean"

Current position: Program Development Specialist at the Chicago Center of Teaching

Michael Ralph

Anthropology PhD, 2007

Current position: New York University (Assistant Professor, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Metropolitan Studies; Assistant Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis, Africana Studies, American Studies; Director, Metropolitan Studies)

Brady Smith

English Language and Literatures PhD 2015

Dissertation: "Ecology, Economy and the Contemporary African Novel"

Current position:  Humanities Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago English Department

Nicholas Rush Smith

Political Science

Dissertation: "The Rights of Others: Vigilantism and Everyday State Building in Democratic South Africa"

Current position: Assistant Professor, Political Science at CUNY

Joshua Walker


Dissertation: "The End of Forever? Diamonds, Value, and Reproduction in Mbujimayi, Democratic Republic of Congo"

Current position: URF Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of the Witwatersrand

Tara Weinberg

MAPSS MA (History, Anthropology, Law), 2011

Kenya, land use and access, indigenous peoples and human rights, gender relations and customary law on the Kenyan coast under British colonialism

Current position: Research & Policy Associate, United African Organization

Rosa Williams

History PhD

Dissertation: "Sickness, Settlement, and Statistics: Creating a Healthy Colonial State in Southern Mozambique, 1875-1910"

Current position: Post Doctoral Fellow at the Centre for Africa Studies, University of the Free State

Leslie Wilson

Art History

Dissertation: Beyond Committed, Past Concerned: Photography as a Documentary Medium in South Africa, 1994-2004

History of photography, documentary theory, South African documentary photography and photojournalism, modern and contemporary African art, post-war American art, and the landscape in visual art