Amanda H. Blair

Political Science

"I am a PhD Candidate specializing in the field of Comparative Politics at the University of Chicago. A Wyoming native, I attended the University of Wyoming for undergraduate, concentrating in Chemical Engineering and Political Science (B.S., 2008). After college I coordinated a sexual assault response team and worked as a victim advocate for a domestic violence shelter. My general research interests include sexual and gender based violence, armed conflict, African politics, and feminist theory. 

My dissertation asks (1) why is rape, in particular, used during armed conflict? and (2) what presumptions about gender and sexuality are necessary for rape to be efficacious during war? Focusing on the treatment of conflict-related rape in international law, in public discourse, and in comparison to “ordinary” violence perpetrated during armed conflict, this project combines archival research, interviews, and ethnography to locate what it is about rape that makes it a useful form of violence during armed conflict."