African Studies Workshop

About the African Studies Workshop

*updated schedule for 2013-14 available here*

The African Studies Workshop (ASW) is an interdisciplinary group made up of students and faculty researching the peoples of Africa and its diasporas, past and present. One of the workshop’s primary goals is to elucidate Africa’s dynamic relationship to a wider world, and to chart the effects of these processes in various spheres of African life.

Graduate students and faculty from the Department of Anthropology have long held a central place in the workshop, but active participants in the workshop also come from Art History, English, Film Studies, History, Human Development, and Political Science. In addition to regular presentations by students, faculty, and invited guests, the workshop hosts biannual Red Lion Seminars jointly with Northwestern University’s Program of African Studies.

Most ASW meetings take place at Wilder House, located at 5811 South Kenwood Avenue.  The provisional schedule for 2013-14 is now available here. Meetings will be held at 5:30 in Wilder House. 

Schedules from past years available here.