The Committee on African Studies at the University of Chicago brings together faculty and students from a variety of disciplines and scholarly perspectives. What we share in common is an interest in engaging directly with the continent and its peoples, histories, cultures, and societies.  We also share a commitment to the idea that Africa is critical to challenging and advancing social scientific and humanistic modes of inquiry.

The heart of African Studies is the workshop. It meets every other week to discuss pre-circulated papers presented by graduate students, faculty, and visitors. Undergraduates are welcome. More information about the workshop can be found here.

Students can avail themselves of a variety of opportunities to study Africa in the classroom. Graduate courses on Africa are offered in a range of departments, while undergraduates can learn more about Africa by taking either the African Civilizations sequence as well as a number of other classes. Undergraduates are also encouraged to study Africa from abroad through our program in Dakar, Senegal or through the “Migration, Colonization, and Diaspora Civilization” sequence in Paris.