Masters and doctoral students carrying out research on Africa at the University of Chicago. For contact information, consult the UChicago directory.

Anthony Beall | Divinity | Research interests: African traditional religions, Namibia, Himba communities, ritual practices, alternative states of consciousness, ancestral worship, spirit possession, ethnography, colonialism, theories and methods

Zoe Berman | Comparative Human Development | Research interests: sociocultural and medical anthropology; youth; intergenerational change; trauma; historical memory; healing; Rwanda.

Walker Gunning | Political Science | Dissertation: “The Street Has the Last Word: Revolutionary Organizing in Sudan”

Debora Heard | Archaeology and Anthropology | Dissertation: “In the Houses of the Ram and the Lion: Religious Displays of Royal Socio-Political Subjectivity in the Kushite Temples of Amun and Apedemak”

Kelsey Rooney | Anthropology | Research interests: Atlantic Trade; slave trade; Senegal; Senegambia; underwater archaeology; maritime archaeology; ports; harbors; ships.