Feb 11th Distinguished Lecture

Jean Allman
Professor of African and African-American Studies, Washington University in St. Louis
Location: Franke Institute of the Humanities
Feb 25th Gregory Valdespino
PhD Student in History
“‘The Cité is Yours, but Keep it Clean’: Suburban Homes, Middle-Class Dreams, and Modernization in Postwar Senegal, 1945-1965″

Discussant: Roy Kimmy III

Mar 10th MAPSS and Early Student Presenters
Apr 7th Johanna Oh
PhD Student in Sociology
“Wealth Acquisition and Marital Quality among Young Couples in Malawi”

Discussant: Geoffrey Traugh

Apr 21st Geoffrey Traugh
Harper-Schmidt Fellow
“Agrarianism against Empire: The Reinvention of Modernization in British Central Africa, 1953-64.”

Discussant: Dr. Ralph Austen

May 5th

Altaïr Despres

Postdoctoral Researcher

“The White Peril? Tourism and masculinities in Zanzibar”

Discussant: Jennifer Cole

May 19th Natacha Nsabimana
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
“Nowhere else We could have fled:” On Nationalism and Political Exile”

Discussant: Ryan Jobson

Jun 2nd Matthew Knisley
PhD Candidate in Anthropology
“Ecological Infrastructures: Reevaluating Archaeological Approaches to African Foragers”

Discussant: Sandy Hunter

All events will be held at 5:30 PM at Foster Hall Room 107 unless otherwise indicated.