ASW schedule 2012-13

Fall 2012

October 9.  Cecile Fromont, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago Title: “From Catholic Kingdom to the Heart of Darkness: The Fate of Kongo Christianity in the Nineteenth Century”

October 17. Douglas Foster, Associate Professor, Northwestern University.  (Co-sponsored with the Center for International Studies.) Title: “After Mandela: The Struggle for Freedom in Post-Apartheid South Africa” Time & Location: 6:00 – 7:30 pm, Assembly Hall, International House. A reception will precede the talk.

October 18. Yoon Jung Park, Professor, University of Johanesburg (Red Lion Seminar with Northwestern University) Title:  “Chinese in Africa, African Responses”  Location: Arts and Letters Hall, De Paul University, 2315 N. Kenmore Ave., room 410. Time: 6 pm* *Please note the later start time October 23 Gareth Austin, Professor, The Graduate Institute, Geneva, Switzerland Title: “Coercion and Markets:  Reconciling Economic and Social Explanations of Slavery in Precolonial West Africa, c1450 – 1900”

November 6. Ella Sonja West, MA candidate, University of Chicago Title: “Sexual Economy of Slums: Liberatory Sexuality in Calixthe Beyala’s The SunHath Looked Upon Me”

November 20. Jay Schutte, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Anthropology Title: “Sino-signs, Anglo-signs and Afro-transducers: Aspirational Histories, Colonialisms and Transductive Labor in ‘Translational’ Perspective” (tentative title)

November 27. Mariana Candido, Assistant Professor, Princeton University Title: “Reexamining the ‘Marginal institution’: The Role of Benguela in the Transatlantic Slave Trade” SPECIAL LOCATION: Social Science Research, Room 122 This talk is part of the Distinguished Africa Lecture Series, supported by the Center for International Studies.

December 4. Elizabeth Brummel, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Anthropology Title: “‘I Tried to Picture Him as Me’:  Embedded Narratives in Neo-Pentecostal Conversion Discourse”


Winter 2013

January 15. Jennifer Cole, “Knowledge, Secrecy and Value Translation Among Malagasy Marriage Migrants in France.”

January 22. Distinguished Lecture Series welcomes Adam Ashforth, “Anti-Anti-Witchcraft: Why Humanitarian Concerns About ‘Witchcraft Violence’ in Africa are Misplaced.” 5:00 in Classics 110. Event sponsored by the Center for International Studies and the Committee on African Studies.

January 29. Joshua Walker, “A History of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Diamond Mining Enclave: 1907-1960”

February 12. Delinda Collier, School of the Art Institute of Chicago “The Duration of Four Minutes and Thirty-three Seconds Without Electricity: Contingencies of Electronic Art in the ‘Dark Continent'” (Co-sponsored with the Contemporary Art and its Histories Workshop).

February 19. (Multimedia event – note the special date and place) FILM SCREENING AND DISCUSSION: Joanna Grabski, Market Imaginary. 5-7 in Stuart Hall, Room 102.

February 26. George Paul Meiu, “Ethno-Erotic Economies in Kenya’s City of Sin”

March 5. Claudia Gastrow, “Making Citizens: Architecture and Political Belonging in Luanda, Angola”

March 7. Amanda Logan (Co-sponsored event with the Interdiscilinary Archaeology Workshop)


Spring 2013

April 9. African Language Fund Panel: The event features students who were recipients of our prestigious African Language Fund grants:

  • Matthew Knisley (PhD Student, Anthropology). Early mapping projects and the relationship between spatial representation and colonial rule. Forms of translation in Tanzania.
  • Elizabeth Fretwell (PhD Candidate, History). Language training as pre-dissertation research
  • Kristen Hickman (PhD Candidate, Anthropology). Moroccan Arabic and the challenges of diglossia for the researcher
  • Lisa Simeone (Phd Candidate, Anthropology). Wolof, French and the insights of language proficiency
  • John Cropper (PhD Candidate, History). Language training in Côte d’Ivoire

April 18. SPECIAL LECTURE: Red Lion Lecture co-sponsored with the African Studies Workshop at the University of Chicago 6:30pm, Depaul University, Arts and Letters Hall, Room TBA. Bruce Hall (History, Johns Hopkins University) speaking on “What does race have to do with the conflict in Mali? Histories and Memories of Slavery and Violence in the West African Sahel.”

April 19-20 CONFERENCE: Archaeologies of Frenchness.

April 23. Brady Smith – “A Luta Continua: Environmentalism, Solidarity and Citizenship in Manuel Rui’s O Manequim e o Piano.”

April 30. Kate McHarry – “‘There are no experts here’: Knowledge, Expertise, and Experimentation in Preschool Programming.”

May 7 Benaouda Lebdai (Université du Mans) – “Some postcolonial autobiographies as post-fatwa texts: a critical approach.”

May 16-17  CONFERENCE: “No Condition is Permanent? Permanence, Flux, and Mobility in Contemporary Africa.”

May 21. Filipe Calvao – paper TBA

June 4. MAPSS Students Thesis Panel. This event will serve as the end-of-year function for the African Studies Workshop where we hope to celebrate the achievements of our workshop participants and Faculty sponsors. Dinner will be served.

  • Panel I: Julia Lane Brittany McGhee, Danielle Shailyn Fulfs
  • Panel II Harini Kumar, Thomas Leavitt