ASW schedule 2014-15

Autumn 2014

Tuesday, October 7. Fall Welcome Event with Stephan Palmié (Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago), “Signal and Noise: Digging up the Dead in Archaeology and Afro-Cuban Palo Monte.” *SPECIAL LOCATION* List members will receive details. 

Tuesday, October 21. Matthew Knisley (PhD Student, Department of Anthropology), “An Archaeology of the Natural: Historical Landscapes of the Sandawe Homeland, Central Tanzania.” Invited Discussant: Amanda Logan (Department of Anthropology, Northwestern University).

Thursday, November 6.  Red Lion Seminar welcomes Daniel Jordan Smith ( Department of Anthropology, Brown University), “To Be a Man Is Not a One-Day Job: Masculinity, Money, and Intimacy in Nigeria.” Co-hosted with Northwestern University’s Program of African Studies and the DePaul University Center for Black Diaspora. *SPECIAL TIME & LOCATION* 6:30 in the DePaul Arts & Letters Hall, 2315 N. Kenmore Avenue, in Room 408.

Tuesday, November 18. African Studies Distinguished Lecture Series welcomes Toby Green (Departments of History and of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, King’s College London), “The Creation of Hard and Soft Currencies: Historical Roots of Present Inequalities in Africa.”

Tuesday, December 2. Brady Smith (PhD Candidate, Department of English), “White Writing, Black Writing: Landscape, Labor and the Politics of Conservation in Lauretta Ngcobo’s And They Didn’t Die.” Invited Discussant: Jennifer Wenzel (Department of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University).

Winter 2015

Tuesday, January 13. Lesley Braun (Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Comparative Human Development)

Tuesday, January 27. Emily Lord Fransee (PhD Candidate, Department of History). Invited Discussant: Hilary Jones (Department of History, Florida International University).

Tuesday, February 10. African Studies Distinguished Lecture Series TBA

Tuesday, February 24. Erin Moore (PhD Candidate, Comparative Human Development). Invited Discussant: Deborah Durham (Department of Anthropology, Sweet Briar College)

Tuesday, March 10. Kathryn E. McHarry (PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology). Invited Discussant: China Scherz (Department of Anthropology, University of Virginia)

Spring 2015

Tuesday, April 7. Elizabeth Brummel PhD Candidate (Department of Anthropology). Invited Discussant: Janet McIntosh (Department of Anthropology, Brandeis University).

Tuesday, April 21. African Studies Distinguished Lecture Series Lynn Thomas (Department of History, University of Washington)

Tuesday, May 5. Chandani Patel (PhD Candidate, Department of Comparative Literature). Invited Discussant: Margaret McFee (PhD Student, Department of Comparative Literature).

Friday May 15. ASW Graduate Student Conference “THE AGE OF INFRASTRUCTURE & THE INFRASTRUCTURE OF AGE: Politics, Technology, and Citizenship in Africa.” Organizers: Kathryn E. McHarry and Brady Smith.  Speakers and papers TBA. More information available here.

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